Three Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Commercial Truck Fleet

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If you own a business that relies on trucks, you likely have a fleet of trucks. Caring a large number of trucks can be challenging due to the unique nature of having a multitude of trucks and drivers. However, it is important that the fleet be properly maintained and cared for to help ensure that your trucks last as long as they are designed to. Here are three tips that can help you properly care for and extend the life of your commercial truck fleet:

Use a Fleet Management System

One of the best ways to manage the maintenance needs of your commercial truck fleet is to use a fleet management system. A fleet management system tracks which trucks have received which type of maintenance and which of trucks need maintenance. Typically, drivers will input the mileage of a truck at the end of their shift, helping the system to see when maintenance or service is due. From there, you can schedule an appointment and get the truck tended to. This ensures that all of your trucks get the maintenance they need when it is needed. 

Assign Drivers to the Same Truck When Possible

Another tip for extending the life of your commercial truck fleet is to try to assign drivers to the same truck day in and day out, when possible. When a specific driver is assigned to a truck, they start to get a feel for that truck. They know what is normal for that truck and what is not normal. This allows them to catch and report potential problems before they turn into something that is more costly or takes more time to repair. 

Hire a Reliable Truck Mechanic

The last tip for extending the life of your commercial truck fleet is to hire a reliable truck mechanic. There are many factors to consider when selecting a repair shop for your fleet of trucks. Look for a shop that has mechanics that are trained to handle the specific type of truck you have. There is a difference between the repairs needed to gas trucks versus diesel trucks or to repairs needed for heavy-duty trucks versus big rigs. Finding a reliable repair shop that specializes in the type of truck you have helps ensure that repairs are correctly made. 

When properly maintained and cared for, your trucks may encounter fewer unexpected issues and will last longer. This helps you to get the most of your fleet, which can be beneficial to your business. For more information, contact a company like River's Truck Center


10 October 2017

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