In A Fix: 3 Fluids Your Gear Oil Should Never Resemble


Your car's manufacturer designed the manual gearbox with a series of moving parts, such as ring gears and bearings. These moving parts rely on the fluid, or gear oil, in the reservoir for all of their protection, lubrication and cooling needs. To keep this protective substance in good shape, your car must receive regular fluid changes every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the make and model you drive. Furthermore, your transmission must have adequate seals that keep water out of the case at all times.

29 January 2015

Driver Behaviors Commonly Connected With Vehicle Accidents


If someone you love has caused more than one vehicle collision in a relatively short amount of time, you can assume that individual is probably doing something unsafe while behind the wheel. Maybe the police have determined what the problem is or maybe you're still trying to figure it out, but it's important for that behavior to stop before something even worse takes place. Perhaps showing this person some statistics and behavioral factors connected with automotive collisions might be persuasive.

22 December 2014