Three Steps To Restoring An Antique Police Car

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Car collectors often own cars of many different types from different decades. If you enjoy owning older cars, you may be interested in owning official cars as well. Police cars are some of the most common cars you can find at auction. When a police car is older, it will be retired from the force and have some of its parts removed before it is sold on the consumer market. If you wish to restore a retro police car, here are three things that you may want to find for your new purchase. 

An authentic police siren

Police sirens on older model police cars would often have a single, cylindrical light and a siren that the police could speak through. Finding an older police siren can happen at an auction or an antique shop. A removable siren is best so that you can put it on the top of the car only when you are at shows and the car otherwise does not look like a verified police car when being taken back home or to storage. Be sure to check with your local police to ensure that having a siren on the vehicle at any time will not be a city violation. 

Find the precise color

In order to get a good, original look, you will need to find the appropriate color. If you are not sure about what the right color is, you can contact the original manufacturer to determine the shade. If this shade is no longer available on the market, have the manufacturer send you a sample of the car's color. Since there are paint companies that will mix a color of your choosing, take an original sample to the paint shop and have them mix up an exact match. 

Order the extras for the interior

If you plan to show your old police car, you should fix it up with some extras. Find an old police hat from the same decade as the car belongs and put it on the dashboard of the vehicle. If possible find an antique clipboard with writable parking tickets to place inside of the glove box. If the cars of the area had any other police markers, you may be able to get these applied to the side or the back of the vehicle. The more authentic items that you have from the time period would make the car look authentic. 


1 June 2018

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