Three Steps To Restoring An Antique Police Car

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Car collectors often own cars of many different types from different decades. If you enjoy owning older cars, you may be interested in owning official cars as well. Police cars are some of the most common cars you can find at auction. When a police car is older, it will be retired from the force and have some of its parts removed before it is sold on the consumer market. If you wish to restore a retro police car, here are three things that you may want to find for your new purchase.

1 June 2018

Three Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Commercial Truck Fleet

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If you own a business that relies on trucks, you likely have a fleet of trucks. Caring a large number of trucks can be challenging due to the unique nature of having a multitude of trucks and drivers. However, it is important that the fleet be properly maintained and cared for to help ensure that your trucks last as long as they are designed to. Here are three tips that can help you properly care for and extend the life of your commercial truck fleet:

10 October 2017

What Is Your Car's Drive Shaft?

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It takes a lot of moving parts to get your car moving. If you take just one of those parts out of your car, then it isn't going to work. One important part of your car is the drive shaft. Your car's engine produces the energy necessary to get the car moving, but there has to be some way to get that energy from the motor to the wheels so that the car can actually move.

16 June 2017